Your End-to-End Local
Marketing Platform

Seamlessly Build a Customer Database


Uniquely closing the Marketing Loop -  
From Creation to Redemption

Fast and Easy: Create eye catching marketing kit in a snap
Seamless reach: Distribute your promotion via mobile, web, social media, print and at the point-of-sale
Full funnel tracking: Continuously monitoring all mobile, online and offline customer engagements
Analysis: Uniquely pairing online performance KPI’s with physical customer response at the point-of-sale
Customer database building: Automatically capturing all engaged customers mobile numbers

Complete Local Marketing Platform



Fill out your promotion details
in 5 simple steps



Seamlessly advertise on multiple
channels with a click of a button



Monitor al activities
from creation to redemption



Learn what works
to perfect your next campaign



Acquire new customers
build a database of their mobile numbers

Complete Local Marketing Platform


Create a promotion in 5 simple steps.

Get a full fledged marketing kit optimized for local campaigns and ready to launch.

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Get the word out there with 121 Mobile’s seamless distribution channels

Advertise on multiple channels such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Bing, with a click of a button

Send the promotion directly to your customers' mobile phones. Grab their immediate attention and outperform industry class conversion rates

Share the promotion on various business social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter


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Get complete visibility of all customer engagements throughout the whole marketing funnel.

The platform continuously monitors all mobile, online and offline key performance indicators (KPIs), from initial exposure to physical engagement at the point of sale.

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Build and grow your customer database.

All of your engaged customers’ mobile numbers are automatically added to the your personal customer database. Leverage the database to reach out to existing customers and increase their return rate with future engagement.

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